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FinanceGuide helps you manage your personal finances in Denmark


Our job in FinanceGuide is to show you how to navigate your personal finances and make you feel safe about your future in Denmark. We teach and support international citizens in Denmark on managing personal finances and understanding financial systems in Denmark, so their lives in the new country are safe and pleasant.


In FinanceGuide we are 100% independent in providing knowledge to you. We are not getting any comission from banks, pension companies or other financial institutions. With FinanceGuide you will get objective and up-to-date information on managing personal finances in Denmark.



With FinanceGuide you can:


• Participate in one of our Personal Finance Courses


• Ask your employer to book a group course for you and your international colleagues at your workplace


• Book time for a private lesson



Contact FinanceGuide:


Contact us by e-mail: mail@financeguide.dk or call on +45 20867109



Our clients about FinanceGuide:


FinanceGuide provides impressive services that have been highly beneficial to me as an ex-pat in Denmark. I received excellent customer service and correct advice regarding my personal tax situation and my company's finances. It is such a relief finding a finance service provider who operates in English, especially for foreigners trying to navigate and understand that Danish tax and finance system. Thank you FinanceGuide for all your help- I will be using your services again in the near future!


- Celina Mina

Director: Celina Mina Writing Consultant, Copenhagen.





Guide to your personal finances in Denmark

Elena Kabachenko - founder at FinanceGuide


Elena has earned a MSc in Finance in Denmark and has worked for six years in the Central Bank of Denmark and Danske Bank (the largest bank in Denmark) as financial analyst.

Olga Mylona - partner at FinanceGuide


Olga Mylona has a degree from the University of Kent in the UK and has extensive experience with international investment funds and alternative international investments as head of the investment department of the Bank of Cyprus.

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