Guide to your personal finances in Denmark



Here you will find the information about the courses and lectures offered by FinanceGuide. If you want to invite FinanceGuide to give some of these courses in your city, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail: or on the phone +45 20867109.


Course: Buying a property in Denmark – a step by step guide to choosing a property and finance options


Let’s assume that you moved to Denmark and are planning to buy a property here. Where should you begin? Where should you finance your property and what is the optimal finance option for you?


As you probably already know, real estate in Denmark is not cheap, so a wrong choice of finance on the early stage may cost you dearly in the future.


Our course will teach you everything that you need to know to buy a property in Denmark. After completing the course you will know exactly how to choose the suitable loan, when you should consult the lawyer and how to negotiate the best conditions with the seller and the real estate agent.


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Course: Start your business in Denmark – Step-by-step guide to registration and first sales.


Many foreigners in Denmark make a choice in favor of starting their own company for various reasons. Someone wants to fulfil his or her dream, but for another this is the only chance to work in Denmark using their education and qualifications.


Denmark is an excellent country for a start-up. Most things associated with registration and opening of the business are done online, all official agencies work quickly and efficiently. However, as in many other areas, you must know what you are doing! On this course you will get all the information you need to register and start working in your own company.


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Course: Investing in Denmark – How to make your money work


If you have more than 50,000 DKK on a standard account in a bank and you don’t do anything with your money then you are losing money. Every day.


Any investment decision (or lack of decision) is associated with risks, especially when you live in a new country and you do not know all the rules and intricacies of the market.


It is important to understand the risks and potential returns for different types of investments, as well as the tax consequences for you.


On this course you will learn the most important rules of financial markets in Denmark. We will give you practical tools to invest in Denmark so you will know exactly where you can invest, at what price and in which products.


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Make the most out of your money in Denmark (in cooperation with Mentornetværket in Esbjerg)


On this seminar we have talked about:


  • How much Danes spend on average on housing, food, beverages, Internet and what we as foreigners can learn from that
  • How to optimize family budget
  • How to choose optimal insurances
  • To rent or to buy - considerations about housing market in Denmark


Take charge of your money in Denmark (Huset, Aalborg)


On this seminar we have covered the following topics:


  • Taxes in Denmark (how to fill out your tax-papers online)
  • Pension in Denmark - check your pension report, and decide how to save for your old age
  • Insurances in Denmark - about the insurance market, types of insurances, how to choose the optimal insurances for you and your family

Taxes in Denmark (Russian Center of Science and Culture, Copenhagen)


We have talked about:


  • Preliminary Tax Report (Forskudsopgørelse), how and when we should check the numbers and to correct them
  • Tax Assessment Notice (Årsopgørelse), how to check the results online and how to correct the numbers, if necessary
  • Tax calendar in Denmark

Make the most out of your money in Denmark (International House, Copenhagen)


On this lecture, the participants have learned about:


  • How much Danes spend on average on housing, food, Internet etc.
  • What they can do to optimize your budget in Denmark
  • The best and cheapest solutions for Internet and telephone
  • Their possibilities to lower housing costs
  • How to choose optimal insurances

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