Guide to your personal finances in Denmark

Invest in your knowledge and get the power over your money in Denmark

Be in charge of your personal finances in Denmark


When you come to Denmark to live and work, it is important that you can continue to control and understand your personal finances, even though you now live in a new country. When you have knowledge about financial matters in Denmark, you can be sure that all financial decisions that you make will benefit you and your family.


Know the rules


Sound personal finances begin with understanding the financial rules and systems in your new country.


FinanceGuide specializes in providing knowledge and consulting to international citizens of Denmark. We organize courses in personal finance where we teach you how to navigate your personal finances in Denmark. We also hold private consulting sessions to help our clients with their financial challenges.





FINANCIAL SEMINARS - Enhance your knowledge of Danish finances by participating in one of our courses. Information is in English, practical and easy to understand.



PRIVATE MENTORING - Book time for your private session at FinanceGuide. Here you can get additional individual education about managing your personal finances in Denmark.



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Peace of mind


Language barriers and not knowing or understanding the laws in their new country often give newcomers stress about their personal finances. Knowledge of the financial systems in Denmark will give the peace of mind needed when starting your life in a new country.


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