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Guide to your personal finances in Denmark


Here in FinanceGuide we believe: Only you can take the best decisions for your personal finances. Our goal is to give you the knowledge about the rules and financial systems in Denmark. With this knowledge you will be able to confidently make the right decisions for your personal finances.


Private lessons from FinanceGuide will give you:


  • Answers to your specific questions on a selected topic
  • Understanding how to act in order to achieve your goals
  • Instructions for the online actions (e.g. how to correct and approve your taxes online, how to choose the best insurances online etc.)


We offer private lessons on the following topics:


  • Taxes in Denmark: How and when you need to fill out your tax papers


  • Insurances in Denmark. What kind of insurances do you need and how to find the optimal insurances (price/quality).


  • Starting your own business in Denmark. Registration, official rules, accounting.


  • Pensions in Denmark. Types of pensions, state pension.


  • Investments in Denmark. Investing money in a bank, stocks, bonds, funds. Regulation and taxes.


  • Family budgeting in Denmark. Planning the family budget and its optimization.



Private lessons are held in FinanceGuide’s office at Nørregade 7B, Copenhagen. We also offer lessons by Skype or telephone.


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